Nice Eyes Cat

It was a pleasure to be permitted to bring this cat into existence :-) He is too cool. As I sculpted him from a lump of clay, good energies poured out of me into him. And what a nice cat. 

Nice Eyes measures 2 1/2 inches tall. He is cast in stone and finished in aged bronze with green eyes. He is signed by me.

$24.50 Shipping included


Rocky In Purple

Rocky In Green

Rocky In Green Patina

Rocky The Frog

I sculpted the clay onto a natural rock to make this piece. He measures 5 inches tall and is cast in stone with your choice of being finished in purple, green or green patina with bronze accents and highlights.

$42 Shipping included

Unsure Owl

$16.50 Shipping included

Chillin' Owl

$16.50 Shipping included

Tiniest Owl

$16.50 Shipping included

Pretty Eyes Owl

$16.50 Shipping included

Patient Owl

$16.50 Shipping included

Thoughtful Owl

$16.50 Shipping included

Dinky Owl

$16.50 Shipping included

Any cat owner will know this pose. A cat sits on a ledge while looking down. Cast in stone and finished with a deep aged bronze, this piece is signed. He measures 2 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches wide by 6 inches long.

$38.00 with FREE shipping

Ledge Sitter Cat

Caress this Feline Friend Thought Stone and bring soothing to your day. My love for creatures of the feline persuasion goes into each stone I make. Remember a loved one or for when your purrfull loved one cannot be there. 

Minimalist design with smooth flowing lines.

Hand cast in stone and hand finished with a deep, aged bronze patina, this Feline Friend Thought Stone measures 3 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches high. This stone is signed by myself, the artist, Jacob Folger.

Add a name to the bottom of the stone, hand written, at no additional cost. Please contact me for more information

$32 with FREE shipping

Feline Meditation Stone

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This is a really cool wolf statue. He measures 7 inches tall and is cast in stone with a deep and rich, aged bronze patina or pewter finish. He is very intricately detailed with a sculpted mane and fur. The Howling Wolf is a must have for any wolf lover. Signed by the artist.

$37 with FREE shipping

Howling Wolf

This is a very unusual sculpture - a lion emerges from a seashell. Cast in stone and given a aged bronze patina. Signed by the artist. Measures 2 3/4 inches tall.

​$22.00 with FREE shipping

Lion Emerging From a Seashell

Blinkee looks up quizzically, eyes wide and holds your attention. This very unique design captures the attention and hearts of all who see him. He is cast in stone and finished with my aged bronze. Blinkee is signed.

$28.00 with FREE shipping

I frequently use elements from the earth when I sculpt. This owl, I sculpted on top of a stone. Then I made a mold of the entire original capturing all of the details of the owl and the stone. The castings, in stone, are quite wonderful. The stone is finished in my black stone grey patina and the owl is finished in my dark bronze. The contrast of colors and textures are mesmerizing. This piece measures 7.5 inches tall and is signed.

​$48 with FREE shipping

The energy and inspiration in me was powerful that day I went to create this piece. So powerful in fact that with just a lump of clay, from start to finish, this wolf took only 2 hours to make. And he was my first wolf like it.

He hangs simply from a nail in your wall from a hole in the back of his head. He is cast in stone, durable and strong but lightweight so he won't damage your wall. He is beautifully hand finished with a deep bronze. And he is signed by me. He measures 12 inches high.

$55.00 with FREE shipping

A yearning look he gives me and you  - leaning closer. His pose cute, a front foot rests on another. This little bear measures just 4 inches high and is finished in an aged bronze patina. He is quite nice and signed.

$34 with FREE shipping

Lately my drive to create animals has been very strong. And it is obvious in the details of my creations. 

I began a collection of Spirit Animals. The first designs are wolves, bears and owls. I love the energy I feel as I create them.

Blinkee The Baby Owl​

Stone Owl Muse

Wolf Wall Art

Little Bear

Spirit Animals

Metaphysical Art In Washington   Jacob Folger Metaphysical Art

Meditating Cat

Intricately detailed is this miniature and sculpted while sitting in an outdoor cafe'!, Jacob Folger his maker remembers. He measures just 2 1/2 inches tall. A cat sitting in a lotus position wearing a loose fitting kimono no less. Cast in stone and finished in deep bronze, this little magical piece will help you get to that special place.

$18 Shipping included.

Lion Formidable Wall Sculpture

This lion is a serious dude - friendly yet formidable. He measures 9 inches high by 7 inches wide by 4 inches deep. He is cast in stone and finished in aged bronze. He hangs simply on a nail from a hole in the back. This is a signed work of art by Jacob Folger.

$97 shipping included

Shown here finished in colorful bronzes

Ivory Finish

Majestic Lion Wall Sculpture

I love to sculpt large and this lion is every bit of that. He measures 12 inches wide by 14 inches tall by 5 inches deep. He is cast in stone and finished with a deep, aged bronze verdigris. It is easy to become mesmerized when taking in his presence. He hangs simply from a nail in your wall.

$247 Shipping included. Allow 2 weeks to shipping time.


Owl Sitting On A Seashell

I sculpted clay upon an actual seashell for this piece and then molded the who thing for a solid cast in stone. It is finished with colorful bronzes. It measures 5 inches tall and is signed.

$32 Shipping included

Little Owl On Stone

This little owl seems to contemplate life while sitting on a stone. He measures 3 inches tall and was sculpted in clay upon a real stone before being molded. This was inspired by Sterling Foxmoore of Crystal Fox in Laurel Maryland - a long time client of mine.

This owl is cast in stone and finished with bronze with a natural finish on the stone. I did sign this piece.


$18 Shipping included

Little Mischievous Owl In A Seashell

Hey you! What are you doing in that seashell? Little mischievous owl! 

He measures 4 inches tall. He is cast in stone, finished with colorful bronzes and signed.

$32 Shipping included

Zen Cat

Sitting in a lotus position with eyes open and ready for Zen meditation, this winsome feline will be the purrfect companion during your meditation times.

Cast in stone and finished with my deep bronze patina, the Zen Cat is a signed work of art. He measures 5 inches tall by 5 1/2 wide by 2 1/2 inches deep.

$38 Shipping included

Love Owls

$16.50 Shipping included

The Teeny Weeny Owl Collection

For several days this past summer, I was driven to make nothing but owls. Little, tiny, cute, and cuddly with a different expression on each and every one.

Cast in stone and hand finished in my  purple with bronze highlighting, each of these owls are signed, miniature works of art.

Your ledge Sitter cat will love to decorate window sills, pianos, chair arms, tables, kitchen appliances and so much more. Have fun with him!

"To live is to be inspired. To be creative is to inspire."

Jacob Folger, Sculptor

Coming Soon: The Zen Frog

I just completed this cool frog today (8/28/2015) Here he is in his clay form. I will start a mold today and begin casting him by Monday. He will be cast in stone and available in a variety of finishes. He is signed by me and measures 4 1/2 inches tall.

I am accepting advance orders now.

$38 Shipping Included

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Zen is changing my focus to that bug over there...