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Sleeping Mermaid

Let this sleeping mermaid take you to a special place. Cast in stone and finished with your choice of Jacob's Deep Bronze, Aged Bronze or Purple Bronze this beautiful creation measures: 1.5 inches tall, 4 inches wide, 7 inches long. She is signed by Jacob. This sculpture was created by Jacob on 9/5/2015. Be one of the first to own this very special original work of art.

$29.50 shipping included - Special Introductory Rate

Mermaid On A Stone

I just finished this mermaid this morning. (9/4/2015) and these are the first photographs. A mermaid reclines on a sculptured stone. The piece measures: 9 inches long by 3 inches wide by just under 4 inches high.

Castings are now available in stone with a beautiful bronze finish. Each piece is signed.

Be the first to own this beautiful mermaid. 

$49 Shipping included

Little Ring Mermaid

While at a exhibition for my sculpture this summer, I took clay in hand and made this little mermaid. She measures just 3 3/4 inches across and can hang on a small nail on the wall or be enjoyed as a table sculpture. She is cast in stone and hand finished with a deep purple highlighted with bronze. This is a signed sculpture.

$24.50 Shipping included

Back arched and laying over a seashell, this Mermaid holds a sensual pose. This is a very unusual piece. Cast in stone and hand finished with an exquisite aged ivory patina. The piece measures under 4 inches tall.

$28.00 with FREE shipping

This sweet little Mermaid enjoys the comfort of a small seashell chair and looks down at the "water" below. Cast in stone and hand finished with my aged ivory finish, she measures just 4 inches tall. She is signed by me.

​$28.00 with FREE shipping

I have been wanting to make a merman so I just sculpted this one a few days ago (current date: 8/24/2015) He measures 15 inches long and is cast in stone and hand finished in my deep, dark bronze. He signed by your sculptor, me. 

$57.00 with FREE shipping

This Mermaid was the first I ever created. She sits on a cast seashell sculpted into the design with long flowing hair and tail. This beautiful Mermaid is just 5 inches tall and is cast in stone and hand finished with aged bronze green patina and bronze highlights. She is quite exquisite. I call her Moonlight. She is signed.

$37.00 with FREE shipping

Lovely creatures are Mermaids and I love to create them. From miniature to much more, details and finishes to pull you and I in, Mermaids are for me.

Miniature Sea Shell Mermaid

Little Seashell Mermaid


A Mermaid Named Moonlight