Green Patina With Bronze Highlights

Deep Bronze


Aged Stone


Since 1990, I have been perfecting the recipes for my finishes which are quite nice, I must say. Choose from: Aged Stone, Ivory, Deep Bronze, Green Patina With Bronze Highlights, Purple with Bronze Accents, Purple with Bronze Highlights, Colorful Bronzes, Aged Bronze and Pewter. 

Photographs do not do them justice but I have tried here on the Finishes Page. All of the finishes I offer are shown below on various pieces of my creations.


Mix and match - I don't mind. :-) My finishes are an art form as much as the sculpture itself and the passion to create that goes with it.

- Jacob Folger, Sculptor

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Colorful Bronzes With Hand Tinting

Metaphysical Art In Washington   Jacob Folger Metaphysical Art

Purple Bronze With Bronze Accents 

Aged Bronze

Purple With Bronze Highlights (Stunning and Very Desirable)