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Ivory Finish

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The Mushroom Fairy House was inspired by Aye.

This image is the clay original model of the sculpture. It was just sculpted this weekend (9/19/15). Next, I will make a mold  and then the first cast will be poured. I will choose the finish and hand apply them to the sculpture - it will really pop at this point. Finally it will be photographed for the website and social media sites.

This sculpture was inspired by Aye.

Mushroom Fairy House

Sometimes I can be so easily inspired like with this piece. Just the mere words complimenting me on the fairy page here on my website sent me into action with some clay and I made this fairy house on Friday night (9/18/2015)

I love this little creation. I am already looking for a mover to move me in. :-)

This sculpture measures 5.5 inches tall. It is shown here cast in stone and finished in my purple with bronze accents. It also can be finished in any of my other 8 finishes. See them here.

$38.00 Shipping Included

Guardian Dragon Fairy Door

Coming Soon...


Fairy Tree House with Working Swing

On an extended camping trip in North Carolina, I came up with this tree. I actually sculpted it while in those woods. It even has a working swing as well as windows, a door with door knocker, stairs and tile roofs on the 3 dormers. This piece is best finished with purple with bronze accents as shown or choose from any of my 9 finishes here.

The tree measures 6.5 inches high by 6 inches wide. It is free standing but is flat on the back.

$38 Shipping Included

Ivory Finish Shown In This Image


Oggie Is Available In 9 Different Finishes. Click Here To See Them All.

Oggie Measures 7.5 inches high, 8.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. He is cast in stone with your choice of 9 different finishes. Oggie hangs simply on a nail.

$47.00 Shipping Included.

With a sleeping mouse nestled in his ear, a tree frog chilling on his mustache, a dragonfly sunning on his beard and a snail lounging in the mushroom garden growing on his head - Oggie must be one friendly, warm and fun Fairy Elf to know. Whether you enjoy his presence just hanging from your wall or for hanging a coat or dog leash from his leafy beard, or to hide a special something in the hidden pocket behind his head, Oggie is sure to bring years of enjoyment and a sweet presence to your home.

Oggie The Fairy Elf

Dragon Love​

A fairy expresses her fondness for her best friend, a dragon. This little statuette measures 4 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 4.5 inches deep. It is cast in stone and hand finished in my purple with bronze accents. It is also available in 9 other finishes. See them here. 

$38.00 Shipping Included.

Tiny Fairy Live Moss Tree

I am so proud of myself for inventing this little wonder. The tree itself is made of polymer clay and hand finished with a deep bronze - much like the bark of a tree. Each tree is hand made by me. The roots of the tree help it to stand on its own. Place one on your desk or kitchen counter or in a potted plant. They are wonderful in terrariums and fairy gardens too. Each comes with live moss for the foliage of the tree. Just keep the moss moist - I help with that. The top of the tree is specially made to deliver moisture to the moss. Each hand made tree measures about 3 to 4 inches in height.

Dare to be completely delighted with this wonderful little tree.


Seashell Fairy

I sculpted this seashell fairy early in the morning.(9/3/2015) She is emerging from a natural seashell which has been molded so that copies can be made and include all the details of the seashell and the sculpture original. I do this frequently with elements from the earth because they produce a powerful energy that goes into my creations.

The mold is complete now and first castings are available. The Seashell Fairy measures 6 inches tall and is cast in stone and hand finished with my Deep Bronze Patina with a deep purple on the seashell. It is amazing, this finish. She is signed.

$38 Shipping Included

People sometimes ask me where I get my ideas. They mostly just pop into my head. I look at things, I think, in a different way than others. When I saw a tiny little sea shell, I wondered what it would be like to live in one. One thing led to another and the Teeny Weeny Seashell House was mine. I dare to dream but I dare to try too. If I have an idea, I just go for it. That is how my sculpture happens. And creativity helps more creativity to grow in me.

Jacob Folger, Sculptor

Teeny Weeny Sea Shell House

"This is one of the coolest things I ever made," I was just thinking to myself. It measures just over one inch tall. I used a real seashell in the sculpture and sculpted in clay stairs, and a door with a knob. Cast in stone with a deep purple bronze finish, this is an amazing little piece of art. 

$19 shipping included

The Frog and the Fairy Door

A tree frog sits on some mushrooms and a fairy door lays nestled within the mushroom stalks. What could be more fun? Cast in stone and finished in aged bronze, green patina, this piece is gorgeous. It measures 6 inches tall and is signed by Jacob.

$34 shipping included

The Round Fairy Door

With amazing attention to detail, Sculptor, Jacob Folger created this work. The door has see through windows, door rings, hinges with sculpted vines around the door and "stone" blocks or the step. It measures 7 inches tall and while it can stand on its own it can go flat against a wall as well. It is cast in stone and finished with colorful patinas and bronze.

$38 shipping included

​The Cat and the Fairy Door

So much fun! Here we have not just a fairy door but a cat sitting with it on the stoop. Beautifully detailed with tiny hinges on the door, a door knocker and a window, vines with flowers and a cute little kitty keeping watch. The door measures 6 3/4 inches tall and stands on its own or flat against a wall. It is hand finished with bronzes and is signed by the artist.

$34 shipping included

Dragon Fairy Door

just 4 inches tall, this intricately detailed fairy door with a dragon resting comfortably on top is the perfect portal for your favorite fairy to pass through. Cast in stone and artfully hand finished with purple on the dragon and aged bronze accents, this dragon fairy door will bring many a year of enjoyment to all.

​$32.00 shipping incuded

I love to create anything fairy. Fairies, doors, houses, landscapes and so much more. Watch this page closely if you love all things fairy as well.

I used a real seashell in the design of this piece and carved each stair by hand. This miniature seashell fairy house is just 2.25 inches is tall and is beautifully hand finished with an aged bronze, green patina with bronze highlighting. Stunning! It is signed by me, Jacob Folger.

$24.50 with FREE shipping

Not much larger than a small apple, this intricately detailed castle with three towers and three turrets is the napping place for a purple dragon. Cast in stone and hand finished with pewter and bronze, this high relief design (flat on the back) is freestanding. It is signed by me, its sculptor. It measures just 3 inches tall.

​$24.00 with FREE shipping

Seashell Fairy House

Miniature Fairy Dragon Castle