Poof The Whimsical Dragon, perched upon a sculptured stone measures just 5 inches tall. He sports scales running from his head to tail and the length of his wings, an anklet, earring and a unicorn type horn. Poof is cast in stone and finished in an array of awesome looks. The choice is yours. Poof's creator, Jacob Folger is partial to the purple with bronze accents shown above.

$38 shipping included.

Poof can be finished in green or purple with bronze accents as shown here or choose from 9 other finishes here.

Poof The Whimsical Dragon

Dragon Love

The Beginning of a Collection

Fairies Sharing Special Times With Their Best Friends.

Coming Soon...

You Can Sculpt This Dragon

I teach "how to" videos on sculpting clay.  And you can watch this video for free here whenever you like. "How To Sculpt A Dragon In Clay". I teach all the details like what clay to use, tools you will need, and even how to make your dragon look stunning when done with an amazing finish. This is a fun, interesting and creative project for people of all ages, children included.

​Try this video: 

Intricately detailed and scaled with a spiral design, this dragon portrays the spiral of life in your culture and belief. The dragon can be optionally drilled at no additional cost so that it can hold an incense stick.  The dragon measures about 4 inches in diameter and 1 inch high. It is signed.

​$24.50 shipping included

I surprised the passing crowd at Georgetown Flea Market where I sculpted this beautiful dragon on Sunday. She turned out amazing. She is finished in my signature Dragon's Breath Purple accented with a rich gold bronze. She measures 5 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 7 inches deep.

$47 Shipping Included

Sitting Dragon Muse

This is a dragon you can take with you virtually anywhere because it will fit right into the palm of your hand. It measures just 3 inches long and the dragon is coiled around a shard of cast stone bronze. The dragon is purple with bronze highlighting. Signed by your artist, me.

$24.50 shipping included

This coiled dragon sports an exciting array of scales and purple and bronze finishes. Cast in stone, this is a very nice piece. Signed by your sculptor. It measures 4.5 in diameter and 1.5 inches tall.

$32.00 Shipping included

Beautifully detailed and miniature too, this fairy door has a dragon lounging on it to keep and eye on things. The door is free standing and cast in stone with bronze and purple pigments. It measures just 4 inches tall. It is signed by me, your sculptor.

$32 Shipping Included

This rustic design is 8 inches tall by 2.25 inches deep. It can hold a small votive candle (Never leave candles burning unattended) or a battery powered votive candle.

The dragon, finished in purple with bronze accents, spirals around the sconce pillar. It hangs simply from a nail in your wall from a hole in the back of the sconce.

Signed by me, your sculptor.

$42 with FREE shipping

Dragons, intricately detailed and with their shimmering skin and stunning scales pulls me in to the fantasy I love to create. Magical and mystical - oh what fun!

Palm Dragon

Coiled Dragon

Dragon Fairy Door

Dragon Wall Sconce


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Miniature Companion Wall Dragon

This little guy turned out to be just awesome. He has flowing and sweeping lines with tiny scales which rock with my bronze highlighting enhanced by the deep purple shimmering. He is perched upon a pedestal and stands ready to be your comrade.  

This dragon is cast in stone and finished with my purple with bronze accents or choose from any of my finishes on the finishes page. He measures just 6 inches high and hangs simply on a small nail. This is a signed creation by me, Jacob Folger.

$28.00 Shipping included.

Coiled Dragon with Earring

Yes, this is the very dragon from in the video above.  He measures 4 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches deep by 2 inches tall. He is cast in stone and hand finished with purple and bronze highlighting. This is a beautiful piece.

$32 shipping included

Spiral Dragon

(Optional Incense Burner)