I wanted to sculpt something really inspirational and fell on this angel in flight. This is a wall piece and hangs simply on a nail. He flies, head up and eyes closed as if in prayer. His wing span is 13.5 inches and his height is 7 inches. His wings are beautifully sculpted. He is cast in stone and hand finished in my aged bronze. He is also available in my 8 other finishes. See them here. 

$68 shipping included


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Little Angel Big Wings

I wasn't sure what would happen when I set out to make an angel today (9/14/2015).  This little angel, nestled in her big wings, prays an earnest prayer. She hangs simply from a nail by a hole in the back of the sculpture. Little Angel Big Wings measures 9 inches high, 4 inches wide by two inches deep. She is shown hair in original clay form but is available in all my finishes: bronze, deep bronze, pewter, colorful bronzes, purple bronze, aged stone and exquisite ivory. This is a beautiful piece of art. She is signed.

$32 including shipping