Metaphysical Supply in Washington

I love to create be it a jam on my sax, a photo shoot at the creek or with clay in my hands. It is a passion that fills me and drives me. To see a creation come to pass from not much of anything but my will brings me much joy.

- Jacob Folger, Sculptor

In 1994 I began sculpting gargoyles and I was full of passion for them. After the Washington Post did a sizable article on me and my creations, I was furthered inspired. Soon I had my sculpture in many of the local garden shops as well in the Washington National Cathedral Museum Shop.


Another huge success was when Signals Catalog picked up my Meditating Frog and bough 5,000 of them. The whimsical frog sat in a lotus position wearing a loose fitting kimono.

In 1995, the Washington Post did an article on me and my gargoyle creations. That article is below.


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Jacob works on his Guardian Gargoyle in 1995.

My creative mind opened there on that little creek long ago and although I have never studied art, it has been a very real part of my life ever since. I have been a wood carver, jewelry designer, musician, composer, photographer and sculptor. I have a powerful passion for clay and sculpting especially.

I am so easily inspired, moved and energized when the opportunity to create is close at hand. And likewise, I have a powerful passion to help others bring out the creative that I know is down inside each and every one of us. See my
How To Video page here on this site and learn how to sculpt clay for free.

Whisked away from the home I knew and friends and school and abruptly transplanted into a place unknown to me, I was forced to open my young mind. I was ten years old and left to find friends where there were none. None but a tangle of thorny raspberry bushes, a twig of a sorry creek, and an open mind for the moment. It was there that I found comaraderie; a spider, a minnow, a very willing crawdad and the never-ending, babbling conversation of my best friend, that skinny creek.

Here in 1982, Jacob flies back to base after a parachute jump. Jacob was stationed in Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

I gained much strength in character while serving in the US Army in the early 80's. I was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. After my tour of duty had ended, I went on to do humanitarian work helping Homeless People. I still do this work today.